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Children learn through play at JCK. They are supported and encouraged to play freely.

C&K’s Curriculum Approach and the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) along with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG)  emphasise learning through play which supports our centre philosophy. At the centre of these frameworks is the belief that children learn by exploring, investigating, discovering, predicting, problem solving, communicating, socialising, interacting and negotiating. The frameworks and curriculum guidelines are important tools supporting educators and parents to achieve quality learning outcomes for children.

We also believe that children learn not in isolation, but as part of a collaborative process with adults, their peers, resources and their physical environment.


Each year at Jamboree Community Kindergarten, a wide variety of performers and community organisations contribute to the children’s knowledge and understanding of their community and the world around them. These visitors include: the local fire fighters with their fire engine, puppet shows about the environment, community police officers and paramedics and chicken hatching. The visitors costs are included in the kindergarten fees.

The children also participate in experiences that encourage greater knowledge and understanding of the culture of Indigenous Australians.


Sustainability is a key focus in the national curriculum. At JCK we have several worm farms, compost bins, a rainwater tank used for water-play in the playground and solar panels on the roof. The children are involved and connected with our sustainable practices including reusing and recycling their scraps and rubbish from morning tea and lunch at the recycling station.

We have 2 ‘children gardens’ in our outdoor area and each group makes full use of these, planning, preparing, planting, observing, caring for and harvesting the produce.

Every year the  children participate in Schools Tree Day planting seedlings donated by Brisbane City Council.

Bush Kindy

JCK has also established a ‘’bush kindy program” (with the help of our local councillor and BCC) supporting and encouraging the children to connect with and interact with the local bush environment and adjacent parkland.

Connecting young children with nature …….

“being surrounded by nature and natural items provides infinite benefits to children. Nature instils in everyone a sense of beauty and calmness. It exposes us to things that are alive and growing and promotes curiosity and exploration. With an adult as a guide, children can  learn about being gentle and respecting living things.”

“Flights of Whimsy”

The children have regular visits to the bush and park in  term 2 and 3.