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The word “community” in the centre’s name encourages family and wider community involvement, which is an integral part of the management of the kindergarten.

Membership of Management Committee

As a community-run, not-for-profit kindergarten, JCK is managed by a committee of parents who give their time voluntarily to ensure our kindergarten continues to offer valuable and enriching learning experiences for our children.


Parents are encouraged to be involved in the day-to-day program and other aspects of learning during the year. Families are encouraged to support the kindergarten through a variety of roles including:

  • Participating within the program through parent roster – an excellent way to be involved with your child in the kindergarten environment.
  • Helping at the working bees each year
  • Library borrowing and returning books– helping children choose a book each week to read at home
  • Gardening with the children in the vegetable gardens
  • Taking on a role as a member of the management committee
  • Enjoying the annual children’s disco with other families
  • Joining in social events organised by parent liaison officers
  • Families are encouraged to share skills, knowledge and relevant career information with the children
  • Families are encouraged to share cultural experiences and traditions with the children

Wider Community

Local school

We have continued involvement with JAMBOREE HEIGHTS STATE SCHOOL, Prep students and teachers sharing morning tea and play in Under 8’s week, Sports day in August and end of year celebrations.


In previous years, educators, children and families have been raising money for those less fortunate than ourselves.  In 2018 children and families raised money through donations and projects to purchase 7 chickens, 2 bio digestors and $460 towards the purchase of BIG hay bales for drought relief.

To date in 2019 the children and families have donated 6 chickens and 2 vegetable gardens. They are also raising money through the CONTAINERS FOR CHANGE scheme. Our management committee matches the money raised and it is being sent to a community kindergarten in Western Queensland. The drought has impacted many families in the area and the money raised is used by the kindergarten to purchase resources for the children.

In 2020 the children and families are raising funds for Hive Aid through the CONTAINERS FOR CHANGE scheme. Hive Aid assists Australian Beekeepers who have been severely affected by bushfires and drought.